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Wine Tastings Now Available!

We have expanded our bar menu to now include fruit wines. We have a selection of 5 different wines to please your palette and expand your choices at the Old Goat tasting bar.

Orchard Sunrise – Peach/Apple Wine – Dry 11.5% ABV

A glass of this apple wine with its pleasant taste of ripe peaches, recalls the beauty of the first light over the hills of the orchard. It pairs well with spicy cheese and pecan pie.

Cherry Blossom – Cherry/Apple Wine – Semi-Dry 11%ABV

This blend of NYS apples and tart cherries brings a beautiful color to this crisp wine just like a spring morning in the orchard. Perfect with pork or chocolate desserts.

Country Cranberry – Cranberry Wine – Semi-Sweet 11% ABV

Fresh New England Cranberries with a tart finish. reminds you of a crisp autumn breeze. The perfect wine for your poultry or fish

Orchard Sunset Cranberry/Apple Wine – Sweet with a slightly tart finish – 10.5% ABV

A bright refreshing combination of the cranberries of New England and crisp apples of Western NY. Pairs well with turkey, pork and ethnic dishes.


Wine Flight – 4 tastings $5.00

Glass of Wine – $6.00

Bottle – $13.99

Orchard Sunrise, Cherry Blossom and Orchard Sunset.

Bottle $14.99

Country Cranberry

Glass of Wine, Keep the Glass – $8.99

Souvenir Glass – $5.00





Tasting Room at the Old Goat Cidery:

Our sample flight includes 6 single 1 oz. tastes of our current hard ciders on tap. Cost is $6.00.

Our current ciders on tap include:

  • Old Goat’s Heritage – Made from NYS heirloom apples. A dry cider with a strong apple flavor. Dry 5.5% ABV
  • Tropic of Capricorn- Hints of mango and pineapple make this cider refreshing and crisp. Semi-Sweet  6.5% ABV
  • Cherry Goatee –  It may be pink, but it’s mighty. Light up the night with this crisp and slightly tart flavor cider. Sure to be a favorite among the Goat Herders. 6.9% ABV
  • Honeycrisp- This fan favorite apple is now a favorite hard cider.  Made from 100% Honeycrisp apples. Sweet 6.9% ABV
  • Berry Old Goat-  NYS apples blended with New England cranberries provide the perfect blend of sweet and tart.  Sweet & Tart 7% ABV
  • Tipsy Goat-  Autumn Crisp apples with a splash of Golden Delicious and a hint of cinnamon, aged in a bourbon barrel. If you like a dry white wine, you will love this cider.   Dry 8% ABV

All Old Goat Hard Ciders are available for purchase. Each variety is available in our 64oz Growler $17.99 (new) $13.99 (refill), 1 liter Howlers for $11.99 (new) $7.99 (refill) or in a pint glass for on-site consumption for $6.00

*Old Goats In-law add $1.00 more for Howlers and $2.00 more for Growlers. 1/2 pint is $4.50 and a pint is $7.00

Hard Cider Slushies – Flavors change weekly, but you can guarantee each variety is refreshing and delicious on any given summer day. Only $5.00 for a 9oz cup.


Groups: Due to Covid 19, we are not accepting groups at this time.
We welcome groups to come for tastings as well as for lunch. If you have a group of 6 or more, please call ahead so we can make sure to be staffed properly. We have indoor and outdoor seating, a gift shop, public restrooms and lots of parking.


About the Old Goat Cidery:

Since 1907, our family has been growing the finest quality fruit and vegetables on the land surrounding The Apple Shed. Third-generation owners, Gary & Barb Wells, opened The Apple Shed in 1973 as a fruit stand and cider mill.  Old Goat Cidery, an idea that came about in 2016 and took more than a year to come to fruition, seemed like a natural fit since we already grow apples and make sweet cider. Why Old Goat? We wanted something fun and quirky to represent a great beverage, not to mention we’ve had goats on the farm for a coons’ age and unbeknownst to many, we affectionately refer to our patriarch as the “Old Goat.” Yep, he’s fun and quirky too.