We grow & sell peaches! The dates listed below are approximate and can vary depending on weather.  Call ahead to see if your favorite kind is ready.
Peach Variety Approximate Harvest Free -or- Cling Dessert Quality Canning Quality
Flaming Fury PF1 10-Jul Semi Fair Poor
Desiree 13-Jul Cling Fair Fair
Country Sweet 15-Jul Cling Fair Fair
Earlystar 20-Jul Semi Good Fair
Risingstar 25-Jul Semi Good Fair
PF Early 8 Ball 25-Jul Semi Good Fair
Flaming Fury PF7A 1-Aug Free Fair Good
Red Haven 10-Aug Free Good Good
Starfire 10-Aug Free Excellent Good
PF Lucky 13 12-Aug Free Excellent Excellent
Saturn (Donut) 13-Aug Cling Excellent Poor
John Boy 15-Aug Free Good Excellent
Harmony 20-Aug Free Excellent Excellent
Flaming Fury PF17 22-Aug Free Good Good
Coralstar 29-Aug Free Excellent Good
Messina 1-Sep Free Good Good
Glowingstar 1-Sep Free Good Good
Madison 1-Sep Free Good Excellent
Blushing Star 5-Sep Free Good Fair
Autumn Star 15-Sep Free Good Good