At The Apple Shed, apples are our number one crop, they not harvested until fully mature, ensuring the best flavor.  The soil in our region and the climate, created in-part by our proximity to Lake Ontario, help us to produce some of the most flavorful and beautiful apples anywhere.




Our 100-acre apple orchard is comprised of nearly 35,000 trees.  The first trees were planted in 1907 when the family first purchased the farm; those original trees have since been replaced by more modern varieties and planting systems, but you will still find some older trees around the farm with the oldest having been planted in 1942.  Every year, older trees are replaced in order to accommodate changing apple tastes and transition to growing systems that produce higher yields and better quality fruit with less labor.

With more than 25 varieties, we have an apple for every taste and season!  Some of the varieties we grow, like SnapDragon and RubyFrost are exclusive to New York State, while others like HoneyCrisp, Gala and Fuji, are varieties widely available throughout the country.

Apple harvest begins in late-August and continues through early-November; apples are generally available for purchase throughout most of our season.

Apple Variety Approx Harvest Description
NY702 Apples 8/20 A Cornell developed early apple with excellent apple flavor.
Sansa Apples 8/20 Very sweet and juicy, generally small, a great early apple for kids.
Zestar! Apples 8/25 Crisp and juicy, tart with a hint of brown sugar taste. Excellent eating apple. Zestar! is an early apple that remains crunchy for a couple months when refrigerated.
Ginger Gold Apples 9/1 Sweet and juicy, with a snappy, crisp texture. Superb dessert and fresh eating apple.
Jonamac Apples 9/16 Great for fresh eating, cooking and baking. An all around favorite with a tangy, aromatic flavor.
Gala Apples 9/18 Sweet, yet mildly tart. Crisp, cream-colored flesh. For fresh eating and salads.
McIntosh Apples 9/20 Juicy, tangy and aromatic. An all-time favorite for fresh eating and salads.
20-Ounce Apples 9/23 Large tart apple. A favorite for pies, also good for salads and freezing.
Honeycrisp Apples 9/23 Exceptionally sweet, crisp and juicy. Large fruit with cream-colored flesh.
SnapDragonTM 9/25 Super sweet with a “Monster Crunch”, excellent apple for salads and eating. Limited supply, available only from markets where they are grown and in select grocery stores.
Cortland Apples 9/27 Tangy taste. Fine-grained juicy flesh stays white longer. For snacking, salads,baking and sauce.
Empire Apples 10/3 Unique sweet/tart taste, crisp and juicy. Flavor and texture acclaimed worldwide.  Best for fresh eating and salads.
Golden Delicious Apples 10/5 Sweet and extra juicy. Crisp white texture. For fresh eating, salads and baking.
Macoun Apples 10/5 Mild tart taste. Aromatic, fine-grained firm white flesh. For snacking and fresh desserts.
Red Delicious Apples 10/8 Juicy, sweet taste. The classic for fresh eating and salads.
Jonagold Apples 10/10 Blend of tart and sweet, with a firm texture. One of the world’s preferred eating apples. Also great for cooking and baking.
Crispin Mutsu Apples 10/15 Delicately spicy and juicy, with crisp white flesh. For both fresh eating and cooking.
RubyFrostTM 10/15 Tart when picked, but mellows into a sweet juicy apple the longer it is stored. Limited supply, available only from farm markets that grow them and at select grocery stores.
Northern Spy Apples 10/15 Firm, crisp and juicy with yellowish, green flesh with a red blush. Tart and aromatic. Outstanding apple for pies and hard cider making. Not good for drying as it browns quickly. Heirloom variety.
Idared Apples 10/18 Highly flavored and crisp. Moderately tart. Dual-purpose for fresh eating, cooking and baking.
Fuji Apples 10/25 An aromatic, sweet, taste-tempting flavor and a firm but juicy texture make this a delicious eating apple.
Granny Smith Apples 11/6 All green apple with a tart flavor. Excellent for baking and for eating fresh in salads or with dips.