The Story of the 2016 Peach Crop
You probably remember the mild winter we had this year, little snow and tolerable temperatures.  Perhaps you also remember that it was a winter that lasted forever, teasing us with warmer temps then snatching them away!  In early April, temperatures rose into the 70s and 80s and the trees started progressing toward blossom. That was followed by a radical drop in temperature, with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees on a couple different nights and struggling to reach 30 during the day.    What impact did this have on the crop?

The good news: The apple crop looks OK, we will have apples!

The bad news: Our peaches froze out COMPLETELY!  We didn’t even have a single blossom on our trees.   So needless to say… the peaches here in front of you are not our own, nor are they local.  Most local (Wayne County & NYS) peach growers lost their crops this year, those that do have peaches have only a fraction of a crop and are unable to take on new wholesale customers.  Since we grow our own peaches, we are no one’s existing customer.

The other bad news:  Prices will be higher than normal due to having to buy peaches and truck them in from out-of-state.  Crop conditions cooperating, prices will return to more reasonable levels next year.

The other good news: We reached out to our network of growers and found a grower in PA that was willing to supply us with peaches this year.  Our selection will not be as robust as normal, but we will have peaches throughout the season and most will be varieties that we would normally grow.

Thank you for your continued support!
The Wells Family

Starfire peaches in The Apple Shed.

Starfire peaches in The Apple Shed.